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Fashion item or investment piece?

Vintage Himalaya Birkin 30

Vintage Himalaya Birkin 30

Both actually!

The Hermès handbag has always been an object of desire, initially as a fashion item but over the last decade and more it has grown to be a particularly profitable investment opportunity.  Knight Frank’s 2021 Wealth Report has just been published and confirms what many of us already knew – if you’re looking for a safe place to put your money then alongside cars, watches, wine and some furniture the Hermès bag is a good bet.

The table below shows just how well the Hermès handbag has performed; it has once again topped the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) with prices rising by 17%, according to the index compiler AMR.

In a year when the value of art has fallen due to the collapse of public auctions and that of coloured diamonds because of the difficulty in transporting them the handbag market thrived.  Christie’s Hong Kong sold an especially rare Himalaya Kelly for £309,561 in November 2020 – the most expensive handbag bought at auction yet.  A well established online auction presence and the desire of bag collectors to continue buying even during the pandemic has ensured that Hermès maintains its pole position for another year – at least.

Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report 2021

Lilac Blue London can help you make that investment – read our blog here.

Does your bag need a pillow?

We have tried and tested a number of bag pillows, over our many years of selling bags. If you think that when we first sold Birkins, a size 35 Birkin was less than £5,000 ($8,000 or €6,000) at Hermes London, and it is now above £8,000 ($10,000). Bag pillows have only been around for a few years, and they are not useful for all bags.

Firstly, consider this: is a bag pillow really needed for your beautiful accessory? Would you really buy an interior liner for a wallet? The answer is probably not. A pillow is a good idea if the bag has a certain amount of interior space which is likely to collapse when not in use, and if the leather is soft. For a small highly structured bag, you don’t really need a pillow. However, if the leather is likely to fold, bend or relax, an interior bolster is a good idea. There are a number of bag pillows on the market. We have tried and tested a few, we have invested in a few, and we have created our own based on years of sampling and stuffing. As the company’s founder, I spent hours and hours with our design goddess Tara: discussing, drawing, designing and debating over months to get them right. These were the key considerations:

Structure and fit for purpose:  We wanted a bag pillow that will comfortably fit into a bag and hold it securely. It had to poke into the bottom corners, but still allow the bag to be closed with the pillow inside. On this myself and Tara Gelpey, our design guru, were in complete agreement. But on other considerations we differed and discussions were lengthy:

Safety: it must not hold any scent or moisture. I needed it to be biodegradable but Tara was adamant that care must be taken with natural materials as it must not absorb any scent or moisture.

Made by hand: I wanted them to be made by hand in the UK. Both to support UK industry and to allow local control. With her background in design and manufacturing, Tara was well aware that the UK’s manufacturing base is not strong, not flexible, not speedy, and expensive. I won this round, and we found a number of textile designers and manufacturers and started discussions with them.

Colour: I wanted jaunty colours that would ‘pop’ inside clients’ wardrobes. Colours that would make them happy to see their bags and to use the pillows. Tara opted for trendy, toned down shades that calm the spirit and blend into the background.

Material: My vote was for fun material that would shine and make people smile. Tara preferred material that could be washed with ease and was in no danger of transferring onto any handbags made of pale shades.

And so it went on!!

A year of design and samples later… we believe that we have produced the most fun, handmade, biodegradable and UK-made bag bolsters:

Natural cotton corduroy triangular pillows, with gentle piping to hold the shape, structured but not overly filled pillows in a range of colours. I think the only way you can tell how much we differed in our desires is by the colours.

To please me we produced:

Pink with grey piping. Girly, pretty, understated, pastel. Click here to purchase.

Pink with red piping – my fave. Fun, bold, joyful and confident. Every time you see it you will feel good. Available here.

Red with ivory piping. – Tara called it strawberries and cream. A Wimbledon tennis theme. Available here.

To please herself and the seriously fashionable amongst you, Tara designed:

Grey with ivory piping. Understated elegance. She knew I wouldn’t be able to find fault with this. Buy one here.

Teal with yellow piping. This is clearly the most on-trend option and way beyond my comprehension. Apparently it gives vibes of peace and calm … Again, what can I say? On trend, challenging for me, with bold colours that I can only admire.… Click here to buy.

If you are looking for your own design, or a particular size, we are happy to help. Please call us on 0845 224 8776 or email to talk to us.

Taking care of your Hermès bags

Are you cleaning your home during lockdown? Are you trying to take the Marie Kondo lessons seriously?

Is it finally time to look through the wardrobe and find where to put those bags…?

Here is some help with how to store your precious handbags.

Where to store your bag

  1. The first thing to do is make sure your chosen storage area is clean, dry and has no persistent smells. Avoid areas which smell strongly, such as rooms where people smoke, or places close to a kitchen. The leather will absorb the smell of tobacco.
  2. Moisture in the air is needed, but only to a certain extent. Heavy air conditioning will dry the leather of your bag, so if you have to keep it in an extremely dry environment, make sure you condition the leather frequently: once every two months should be enough. Central heating will also dry the leather, so again, if your bag is near a radiator, make sure you condition it frequently.
  3. If you live in a humid environment, you might want to consider a dehumidifier, even if it’s just on an occasional basis. Important advice: do NOT leave your bag at the bottom and back of a wardrobe and forget about it for months on end. The leather will become misshapen and where it is bending, it will crack. We have people come in regularly to Lilac Blue London with bags that have been ignored and unloved. It takes us months sometimes to completely remove smells and recondition leathers. And sometimes it is just not possible to reshape bags once the leather has been forcibly reshaped while badly stored.
  4. So do avoid letting the leather on your bag sag. Stuff it with a cushion if possible, or ideally with a bag pillow – available here: Lilac Blue Bag Bolsters.
  5. Do not store your bag upright as it will encourage sagging. Try to store it in the original Hermes box, lying down with the handles supported by the paper cushion it came with, or by another bag pillow.

How to clean a Hermès bag?

Top Tips from the largest Hermès bag reseller in London.

  1. Don’t be frightened of cleaning your Hermès calf leather bag. It is made from one of the best and strongest leathers available, so is more resilient than you might think.
  2. Always wipe off any dust or surface dirt, using a clean soft cloth, before applying a polish.
  3. Use a leather cleaning cream, or gel.
  4. If you have a leather which is pebbled (just as togo or taurillon clemence) and you use a cream, beware that the cream can get in-between the grooves of the leather and takes a lot of buffing to remove. So use a light cream or gel if you can. Top Tip: try using a soft brush toothbrush can work to get into the grooved texture of the leather.
  5. Work the cream into the leather with a soft cloth, in a circular motion, until all the product is absorbed.
  6. Take another soft cloth and polish the area that has been cleaned.
  7. Use a protective leather care spray to finish.
  8. If the leather is heavily worn Hermès will clean it in the Hermès Spa. They will also replace the handles, the metal wear at the front. And if you really want, they will replace the leather belt. Beware, it can take up to 6 months. Top Tip: try taking your bag to the Hermès Spa in January or September when waiting lists are at their shortest.
  9. Remember: prevention is better than cure! Protect your bag with a leather protector, and wipe it clean regularly, before any stains can set in. For crocodile or lizard, use a specialist cleaning such as Reptile Beauty Milk by Saphir. You can buy it here: Saphir Reptan Cleaning Cream

Investing in Hermes

Luxury items are increasingly seen as an investment vehicle and Hermes handbags are no exception; for several years they have featured in the Knight Frank Wealth Report and this year it seem the Hermes Birkin has outperformed the FTSE 100 index.

Three years ago in Miami a handbag sold for $298,000 (approximately £205,000).  A simple handbag.  Hailed as the most expensive handbag ever to sell, it was a Hermes Birkin made in bright red shiny crocodile with white gold straps encrusted with 10 carats of diamonds.    It was purchased in 2008 for half the price but never worn.    What was once considered an attractive accessory has turned into one of the world’s most lucrative investments.     Even ten years into the phenomenon, the trend continues to amaze people.

There are a number of reasons for the phenomenon.   If you consider other relatively new investment vehicles – wine, watches, and classic cars – they are all now accepted as alternative investment pieces, and are often highly profitable.   Now the once modest handbag has joined the club of these ‘passion assets’.  In general, they have become worthy investments through finite supply:  like a bottle of Romanee Conti or a limited edition Patek Philippe.    And as the world moves to more highly automated systems and machine-made goods, an awareness of the higher quality of handmade products has emerged.

The prices of classic cars started to rise in the 1990s.  An appreciation of the highly skilled workmanship, coupled with the romance and challenge of the gearstick, started to appeal to North American and then to European markets.   Cars outperformed the global stock market between 2005 and 2016.  Just this year, the 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti sold for a record breaking £24.7m.

The story is similar these days with vintage bags.  On a smaller, more manageable scale.

Mrs Thompson in Battersea, London, hadn’t worn her 1985 Hermes Kelly in ostrich leather more than twice.   Clearing through her wardrobe one rainy November afternoon she came across it and approached Lilac Blue London to value and sell it.   We estimate the bag cost her £550 in 1985.    It has just been sold at £12,000.

Or Mrs Mills in Suffolk, who had a collection of Hermes handbags bought in Las Vegas in 2000.  Her 35cm black crocodile Kelly has just gone on the market at £17,000.  The cost 16 years ago would have been approximately £5,000.

As the Times London explained: “Consider the following: in the 35 years since it was created, the value of the Hermes Birkin has gone up by 500 percent. That’s a better return on investment than gold or the stock market…. Why has this happened? In a nutshell, because even if you can afford them, they’re incredibly difficult to buy.”

In essence the bag itself has become a loved and cherished item, and at the same time handbags have become status symbols.  So combined together, these factors have turned an everyday accessory into a powerful investment piece.

So while older and vintage bags can be sold at high prices, New Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags sell at a premium of up to 100% because buying them is a serious challenge.   There are no more waiting lists in the UK: Hermes could not deal with the queues waiting outside the Bond Street store on the days the waiting list would open.   So to buy a bag takes serious application, patience, and expenditure on other goods in the store, and as a result, it becomes extremely desirable.

Then there is the new phenomenon of the handbag as a status symbol.

Historically, Europeans would buy one lovely handbag on a very special occasion.     So a lady had one or perhaps two luxurious handbags that she could hand down.    European royalty collected handbags: the Queen has a wonderful collection of Launer handbags.  But mere mortals would only have a few pieces.    Then, over the last 20 years, the popularity of handbags has grown in general, and as Hollywood A-listers started building collections of Hermes and Chanel bags, it became acceptable for well-heeled ladies to build collections of their most cherished accessories, and Hermes is at the very top of the list of luxury houses.

The Mastery of Hermes

How has Hermes managed to stay at the top, in creating the most desired handbag the world has ever known?   There is no doubt that this was never planned.  In no time in fashion history has a handbag achieved such status. But Hermes has harnessed and managed the situation extraordinarily well.   In order to increase the desirability of the bags, the iconic French brand limits the production of certain models.  They claim that only the finest artisans are able to create the Kelly and Birkin handbags, and with each bag taking up to 25 hours to make, they are unable to keep up with the demand.  With resellers selling the bags at vast premiums, Hermes is able to increase prices year on year, up to 10% per annum.  The classic Birkin 35cm is now just over £7,000 in a Hermes boutique.

What must not be overlooked is that this phenomenon could never have taken place without the creation of extremely beautiful products.   The style of Hermes bags is generally classic: the Kelly is a relatively formal bag which works extremely well at formal occasions.   The Birkin is a more practical piece; the size 35cm can hold enormous amounts (I have carried a laptop, travel documents and an ipad in one) but has no shoulder strap.

The handbags are created with the best leathers, in the best tanneries, and in a range of colours that no other luxury house can begin to achieve.    This bleu paradis limited edition Kelly from 2016 is one of 8 different shades of blue produced by Hermes in the last 5 years.

How to get your hands on one

If you are looking to buy a bag, first you should try your nearest Hermes boutique.  If you look beautiful and elegant enough, you may be given the chance to buy directly, if there happens to be one available.  If you would rather be able to choose the size, colour and leather, you might want to try a reseller.  Just make sure they are reputable and you can meet them before sending any funds. To buy a bag for an investment, see our article How To Choose an Investment Piece.

Please see also:

The Times Newspaper, March 2020
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The Times Newspaper, January 2016


Hermes Birkin 35cm in Black & Fuschia, Shiny Croc with Ruthenium Hardware

Customise Your Bags

Customise Your Bags with Rocky Mazzilli & Janan Studio

Handbag customisation is the ultimate way to express your style and personality whilst extending the life of one of your favourite designer handbags.

Here at Lilac Blue London, we can introduce you to incredible handbag customisation specialists that can transform your handbag into a truly special piece that is completely exclusive to you.

Rocky Mazzilli

If you are looking for a one of a kind, bespoke hand painted style, Rocky Mazzilli from Year Zero London has worked with Lilac Blue London for many years and will ensure that your design ideas, no matter how elaborate, will come to life.

Started eight years ago by the Mazzilli family including Louise, Tatum and Rocky, this free-spirited independent brand is one of London’s best kept creative secrets.

Frequented by international mega stars such as; Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Will.I.Am, Lana Del Ray, Jason Derulo, Cara Delevigne , Rita Ora and Pharell to name a few, we can assure you that your luxury piece is in safe hands.   Recently Rocky has worked with Xupes on two Louis Vuitton pieces for Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi – read the full article here.

Lilac Blue London can arrange for Year Zero London to create a totally unique experience by offering you a bespoke customisation and hand painting service that can be used on everything from Louis Vuitton to Hermès Birkins and other luxury styles.

Not only can we help your design ideas come to life so your bag is completely bespoke, we will arrange for you to meet the artists behind the creations so you can become part of the design process.

If you are looking to transform your latest handbag into a masterpiece with excellent attention to detail, get in touch with the Lilac Blue London team on+44 845 224 8876 or email for more information.



Janan Studio

Janan Shihadeh, founder of Janan Studio, is a Palestinian born mural artist who specialises in customising bespoke designer vintage and new handbags in partnership with Lilac Blue London.

Educated in the United States and UK, Janan lives in Dubai and has a clientele around the world who look to her for unique handbag and luggage customisation, bespoke murals, painted furniture pieces and much more.

Janan paints everything from Chanel and Hermès handbags and has been featured in fashion publications such as Harper’s Bazaar for her exceptional works of art.

From detailed floral designs to more animated cartoon styles, Janan can turn any idea into reality.

If you love Janan’s style of work and you would like some direction to bring your personal design ideas to life, contact the Lilac Blue London team on+44 845 224 8876 or email and we will be delighted to introduce you to Janan and work with you on your latest customisation ideas.

The return of the Hermès Kelly Danse

The Kelly Danse is a small clutch bag designed to be worn cross body, around the waist, or as a back pack. It has just been re-released by Hermès to great excitement.   The desirability of this versatile little number is a great example of well-considered product marketing. It is something very few brands can afford to do and manage well.  This is what has happened: Hermès released the bag more than a decade ago, in small quantities, when the style and size was not at the height of fashion.  They then discontinued it, just as people began to understand its value.  This fuelled the bag’s desirability among a small following, and enhanced the brand image.  Years later, in autumn 2019, now the style has become fashionable, Hermès has re-released the piece, and voila, they have created a new bag which already has an eager audience.  And because it was designed before, Hermès can maintain its claim to not be influenced by trends.  As an added bonus, Hermès has attracted a new customer, a younger one, who follows seasonal trends, which is a new dimension in Hermès’ usual conservative  retail space.  Welcome back, the Kelly Danse!

Here is the Gris Perle Hermès Kelly Danse which we received yesterday.

The History of the Kelly Danse
The original Hermès Kelly Danse was released in 2007, in soft Swift leather, and discontinued in 2013.  It was a casual version of the Kelly Pochette, in softer leather, without the top handle, and with a long strap.  It never achieved the iconic status of the Kelly Pochette and was aimed at a younger market.  We love the name: it must be the only handbag Hermès has produced whose name hints at functionality: young ladies could dance while wearing a cross body handbag, which at that time was unheard of  in high fashion.

The Lilac Blue experience
We sold a handful of these bags between 2009 and 2012. Not many people knew of them and they were extremely casual for an Hermès design.  At this time the Kelly Pochette and Kelly Cut clutch bags were popular, but only amongst the serious Hermès cognoscenti.

Then just as Hermès stopped making the bag a number of our Kuwaiti clients – ladies from Kuwaiti high society were some of the first serious collectors of Hermès Birkins and Kellies – started asking for the Kelly Danse. Their girls could wear the bag cross body and they understood its chic yet practical design.
We had a Blue Jean one in stock for a few days in 2014. Then we had a terrible theft, of the Kelly Danse and four larger Kellies and Birkins. We tracked the bags
across London, and got most of them back, but the Kelly Danse had already been sold on, within a day!

Fast forward to 2019 and the world is going mad for small bags worn cross-body. And rucksacks. This bag meets both demands. It can also be worn as a bum bag, or fanny pack. But as you may know, Lilac Blue has never come to terms with the bum bag… the very name shrieks style disaster….

Parchemin Kelly Danse. Image courtesy of Xupes

The Kelly Danse original was 17 x 22 x 7cm with one strap which could be work single 63cm or doubled at 33cm.

The Kelly Danse II is the same dimensions, with a longer strap. It can now also be worn as a rucksack, or around the waist, if you really must.

The Danse Kelly was initially made in Swift leather – a smooth pliable leather suited to small accessories. Handbag buyers don’t like this leather, because it looks delicate and smooth on larger items, so Hermès has changed to the more resilient Evercolor. The Kelly Danse II appeared in July 2019, and we are currently only seeing it in natural colours such as Gris Perle and Etoupe.  As Hermès has concentrated the last few years on bright new hues, this may be a welcome return to neutral shades, at least for A/W 2019.

The price in Europe is €4,900 Euros, in the US approximately $7,000 USD – if you are lucky enough to be invited to purchase one. The price on the resale market looks set to be around €12,000, or £12,000 here in the UK.  This may change according to supply and demand.

Lilac Blue London has some pre-loved Kelly Danse bags from 2008 to 2012 in excellent condition in Black; Rose Dragee; and Jaune d’Or:

and new ones just arriving here.

Editorial Comment and Recommendations

Was the creation of the Kelly Danse and Kelly Danse II really part of a 12 year product marketing strategy? Did Hermès really tease us in 2008-12 with this bag, knowing that the market for very small bags would burgeon and explode in 2018? Almost certainly not. Hermès is extremely lucky to be able to release this bag right now: its launch in 2008 might be called ill-timed, the design ill-conceived. What is clear however is that Hermès has maintained its position at the very top of the luxury handbag market over the last decade, a decade which has seen exponential growth, investment and inflation in luxury accessories. Never before have so many women, across so many continents, coveted a Hermès handbag. So to have created a bag in 2008 which becomes highly desirable ten years later, and more importantly one which you can effortlessly re-release, is a stroke of good fortune and not a strategic stroke of genius. But having been dealt this amazing deck of cards, Hermès plays them unusually well. Arguably better than any other luxury brand.  This is why:

The last six months – Summer and Autumn of 2019 – has brought a frenzy of desire for an Hermès bag.  The last time the market was this alive with desire
and super inflated prices was 2012. The bag? The Mini Kelly II. Requests for the bag come from all corners of the world, every day. Prices for this Mini Kelly II 20cm have reached way beyond 100% above the retail price, and are currently – November 2019 – around £14,000 for a Black Mini Kelly. (Please be VERY careful if you are offered one for less than £11,000, please contact us if you are unsure of your seller.)  This level of markup in the handbag resale market –
from £6,000 to £15,000 – has not been  seen for many years. What an amazing achievement for Hermès.

Back to the relaunch of the Kelly Danse: it seems highly coincidental that the Mini Kelly 20cm production is stalled just as the Kelly Danse is released.  Will the Kelly Danse become as sought after as the Mini Kelly? While Hermès does not have an official Marketing Department, someone is seeking to ensure that the hunger for bags continues to grow and younger customers are drawn to the brand.

If you like the Kelly Danse and the Mini Kelly, have you considered one of the original Mini Kellies?  You can find this Mini Kelly here.  And to see how these bags shape high street fashion, you only have to look at this new Lee Radziwill Petite Bag by Tory Birch.
Available at Shopbop.

And if you really want to show your individuality and appreciation of the rare, this Hermès yellow Lizard Mini Kelly, which is from 1986 and may be older than many of you, is a rare collector’s piece.  It is fragile and worn, but is expected to grow enormously in value.

Our thanks go to Purse Blog for their endlessly brilliant writing and research.

Annabelle Hunt

Beautiful Box Birkin

This bag was bought by our dear partner, a collector of Hermes bags who is selling a few of her pieces to fund her post graduate degree.

It is H Stamp, made in 2004. This officially makes the bag a vintage piece.

Box leather was the leather initially used for Kelly handbags. It’s a calf leather, is smooth and very beautiful, with a slight sheen. However, being very smooth, with a very gentle grain, it does scratch more easily than the better-known togo and clemence leathers, and this frightens people. What many people don’t realise is that once the leather has suffered some wear and tear, it develops a lovely sheen, a gentle patina.

This bag is unusual because it’s 35cm, which is large for box leather. It was made as a special order, so only a handful of bags in this combination of leather or colour were ever created. The raisin leather is edged in cyclamen, a light purple which also lines the bag.

It shows signs of gentle wear on the base and the feet, but the signs of use the body of the bag are so gentle that it looks new. Box leather is sturdy so the bag will continue to stand upright for many years. The hardware has all been completely replaced and there are still plastic protectors on the metal.

This is one of a few pieces that we would recommend as an investment.

For more information or to purchase please click HERE

New to Lilac Blue London

Watches, but not just any watch….  We have often been asked by clients visiting the Lilac Blue London showroom if we sell other luxury items, particularly watches.  Up until recently we haven’t as we’ve liked to concentrate on our core business, however we don’t like to disappoint so having made some connections with trusted suppliers Lilac Blue London are delighted to announce that we have a small selection of extremely lovely watches available from Patek Philippe and Rolex, two manufacturers who are at the very peak of the luxury watch business.

Patek Philippe has an unrivalled reputation for quality and sells some of the most expensive watches ever made, in fact just a few days ago a one-of-a-kind Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime sold for the breathtaking figure of £24.3 million.  The quality of design, materials and craftsmanship is outstanding and when you own a Patek Philippe you are showing pride and appreciation of the traditional Swiss watchmaker’s art.

Rolex is quite probably the most well known watch brand in the world, their models have been worn by many celebrated figures both past, present and fictional.  Their watches are created with a purpose – for diving, climbing, flying – and are all superbly made to the highest standards.  Paul Newman’s Daytona sold in 2017 for US$17.8 million and for some time held the record for the most expensive watch ever sold.

Watches from Lilac Blue London


If you’d like information on any of these watches or to ask us to find one for you, please get in touch via WhatsApp: +44 7887 409934

Lilac Blue London doesn’t just sell Hermes bags.

Lilac Blue London has long had a reputation as a trusted and experienced seller of Hermes bags,in particular the Birkin, the Kelly and the Constance and indeed a great deal of our time is spent sourcing these beautiful bags for clients around the world.  What is less well known is that we also have plenty of expertise with other brands including Chanel, Vuitton and Goyard and have many loyal customers who ask us to help them find their favourite bag.

Featured here are just a few of the amazing bags we have available right now, these are our current favourites but that may change soon – there are plenty more on our website to choose from.

If you’re a fan of the Chanel Flap Bag then take a look at this particularly special one , a beautiful dusky pink Chanel Mini Classic Flap in Crocodile.  Chanel are no longer making bags in crocodile so this is one of the last brand new Croc Flap bags out there – a rare beauty!

Louis Vuitton followers will know that Virgil Abloh has got everyone talking with his fabulous Fibre Optic Keepall, quite possibly the most amazing bag we’ve  seen:

The Goyard Mini Saigon is not a new design by any means but it’s still a much prized possession and is a cute little bag which can be carried in the hand or worn on the shoulder, we have a black Mini Saigon and another in Natural which features two wooden strips on the front – both have hand carved wooden handles.

These are only three examples of what we have, take a look at our website for the full list of bags from non Hermes designers, and if you don’t see what you want do get in touch via WhatsApp +44 7887 409934 and we’ll do our very best to help you find it.  .

A Guide to the Hermès Constance

At almost 60 years old, you’d think that the Hermès Constance handbag design might look a little out of date, or old fashioned but no, it’s still going strong and is going through a surge in popularity.  Over the last two years rumours of it being discontinued have abounded, (as they have for the famous Himalaya Birkin handbag), but instead of it being discontinued, we are seeing more models of it being designed and released.

Favoured by Jackie Onassis back in the 1960’s, the Hermès Constance can be seen carried by actress Diane Kruger, the socialite Nicky Hilton, the former Mrs Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova, amongst several others.

The simple and elegant design of the Hermès Constance features the iconic H clasp on the front flap, and a long leather strap which can also be doubled to carry the bag in the hand.

Bamboo Constance in Swift Leather with Palladium Hardware

The Constance has been the subject of a few minor redesigns over the years, but the sleek lines and distinctive curves have been maintained and the bag has lost none of its appeal. It is the most complicated of the Hermès bags to make, with an intricate design, and as a result the price is more than you would expect for a small Hermès bag, at €7,000 for a standard 24cm calf leather.

Particularly popular at the moment is the Constance Mini which measures 18cm by 15cm by 6cm: it’s just big enough to carry a few daytime essentials (as long as you travel light), and small enough to make a neat little evening bag. Lilac Blue London currently has available a lovely selection of this cute bag – a vivid Bamboo Constance in Swift Leather with Palladium Hardware, an even brighter Hermès Constance Lagoon Tadelakt with Palladium Hardware, an Orange Poppy Constance in Swift Leather and a very chic Hermès Constance 18cm Black Optique Veau Monsieur Enamel with enamel hardware.

The next size up is the 24cm by 15cm x 5cm, not much larger but possibly a little more practical as a daytime bag.  The Constance 24cm Beton Evercolor is a very versatile cool pale grey shade with rose gold hardware or if you prefer a gorgeous summer colour, the Constance 24cm Rose Extreme Epsom is always a sought after shade for the warmer months!

In 2010 Hermès offered a slightly longer and slimmer version, the Constance Elan, measuring 25cm x 14cm x 8cm which has the look more of a clutch bag than a shoulder bag.  It’s particularly hard to find but there are occasionally preloved bags available.

Hermes Constance 25cm Black Elan Silk GHW – Vintage

If you’re a lover of Hermès Vintage, then how about this absolutely beautiful Hermès Constance 25cm Black Elan Silk GHW in Black Silk with Gold Hardware? Carry this and you will, without doubt feel like Jackie O!

A brand new model this month has the optique clasp, an enamelled multi coloured highly-textured clasp, which Hermès traditionally used on bracelets.   Another lovely aspect of this Hermes Constance 18cm Black Optique Veau Monsieur Enamel is the new leather being used for it: it’s called Veau Monsieur, which we are calling Gentleman’s Calfskin. You have to love the translation.

Hermes Constance 18cm Black Optique Veau Monsieur Enamel

Do get in touch if you’d like more information on the Hermès Constance, Hermès Birkin or Hermès Kelly, or arrange to come and visit our Mayfair Showroom, close to Bond Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly.

Please either email us at or call us on +44 (0)845 224 8876



Pretty in Pink

The sun is shining, Spring is here and we have the sweetest selection of Hermès handbags in all different shades of pink and we have to admit, they look almost good enough to eat!

A vibrant pop of pink is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your Spring Summer wardrobe and here at Lilac Blue London we have an array of styles in the most compact sizes, for moments when you only want to take a few essentials out with you and travel light.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Hermès collection, fast track your style for the season ahead and turn your thoughts to Summer, here’s our pick of mood-enhancing pretty in pink styles…

Hermes Medor Clutch Rose Sakura Tadelakt PHW

Shop Here: Rose Sakura Medor Clutch

In the prettiest dusky soft pink, the distinctive Hermes Medor Clutch Rose Sakura Tadelakt PHW is a great choice for someone who likes to dress in feminine styles with a slight edge.

This style fits beautifully and comfortably in the hand but can also be carried under the arm and the statement Collier de Chien hardware also allows the bag to be made smaller or wider as necessary.

In Tadelakt leather with Palladium Hardware, the full measurements of this style are: 23cm x 11cm x 5cm with a T stamp and 3Q colour code.

Magnolia Jige Elan in Swift

Shop Here: Magnolia Jige Elan

How amazing is the colour of the Magnolia Jige Elan in Swift? The Hermès Jige Clutch has been a firm favourite of Hermès for a long time but this simple and chic design never loses its appeal. This envelope style clutch bag makes an ideal evening bag and is a new colourway that was introduced in Autumn 2018.

This C Stamp style in Swift leather with a 9l Colour code is a real beauty and will look amazing for daytime wear or a special occasion. The measurements of this style are 29cm x 15cm x 3cm.

Rose Pourpre Mini Kelly in Epsom

Shop Here: Rose Pourpre Kelly 20

The 20cm Mini Kelly style is already a hugely desirable little bag but we absolutely love this style in the Rose Pourpre, a vibrant pink with purple undertones, which is a new colour from Spring 2018.

Bigger than the Kelly Micro but smaller than the classic Kelly but still with enough room to fit in a few essentials such as a lipstick, smart phone and keys.

With stunning Chevre leather and Palladium Hardware, this is such a striking bag and will see you through the warmer months year after year! Full measurements are: 20cm x 14cm x 9cm, the colour code is L3 and this style is a C stamp.

Rose Azalée Kelly Mini Pochette in Swift with Gold Hardware

Shop Here: Rose Azalee Mini Pochette

Hermès has so many pinks to choose from but Rose Azalee is one of our favourites as it’s bright but not overpowering and is a very refreshing shade for Spring and Summer.

Featuring gold hardware and a 8W Colour Code, this C Stamp Kelly Mini Pochette will be a stylish addition to your outfit for weddings, the races, weekends and everything in between! The dimensions of this style are 22cm x 14cm x 7cm.

Rose Jaipur Kelly Wallet in Epsom

Shop Here: Rose Jaipur Kelly Wallet

Last but by no means least is this gorgeous Kelly Wallet in a pinky coral red Rose Jaipur shade that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. In the perfect size, this classic Epsom leather wallet has the is also very light and scratch proof. The colour code is T5 and the measurements when closed are 19.7 x 11.5cm. The wallet comes with the original receipt and all accessories including the box and dustbag.


If you would like to book an appointment at our London showroom to view the latest pink styles by Hermès or any other styles from the Lilac Blue London collection, please call on +44 845 224 8876 or email for more information.

The Bag of the Moment: Hermès Birkin 30cm Gris Perle Rose Extreme HSS Chevre PHW

We are delighted to announce that we have had a beautiful special order Hermès Birkin 30cm Gris Perle Rose Extreme arrive into the showroom and this neutral style with a pop of pink is certainly not to be missed!

In a super delicate gris perle shade with contrasting piping, this unique style has such fantastic definition and we are convinced this Birkin won’t be available for very long!

The main benefit of this superb style is that it is crafted in the most exquisite Chevre Mysore goatskin that is almost completely scratch resistant, helping the bag to retain its pristine look and feel over time.

Whilst this type of leather is not as well-known as the popular Togo and Epsom leather, the grain is soft, highly pronounced and runs vertically down the handbag.

With a C stamp from early 2019 and colour codes 80 and 16, this lightweight style is the perfect transitional piece for Spring and Summer’s warmer months. The deep pink on this style has been used on the piping, the stitching and the interior, adding a distinctive touch to this very versatile style.

Another cool feature of this bag is the brushed palladium metalware. As it has a matte effect, it is slightly more resistant to scratches, keeping this style in the best possible condition with any wear.

If you are looking for a Spring handbag update, this style will breathe new life into your existing wardrobe and can be styled for both casual and more dressy occasions. We love!

For more information on this style please call +44 845 224 8876 or email to book an appointment at our Lilac Blue London Showroom. Alternatively, you can shop the Hermès Birkin 30cm Gris Perle/Rose Extreme HSS Chevre PHW online here.

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