Celadon Natura

The Hermes Kelly Vert Celadon Natura: the rare and beautiful predecessor of the iconic Hermes Himalaya Birkin and Kelly Handbags.

The Hermes Himalaya Birkin bag is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and sought-after bags in the world. First produced in the early 2000’s, the Himalaya is produced in both Birkin and Kelly styles. Whilst all Hermes collectors and enthusiasts will immediately know the Himalaya Birkin or Kelly, the forerunner to this jewel in the crown of Hermes bags, the Vert Celadon Natura, is less well known and incredibly rare.

The origins of the Hermes Himalayan design began in the 1990s when the Hermes Kelly Vert Celadon Natura was first unveiled, that Hermès only manufactured in the Kelly bag format. The term Natura refers to the coloring of exotic handbags of the early 20th century, when it was craftsmen were unable to remove all of the natural pigment from alligator or crocodile skins, even after meticulous processing. The color gradient seen on the Celadon comes from the natural variation in color and texture and of the animal skin, which can still be seen showing through the dye. In contrast to the Himalaya, the unique color gradient seen on the Hermes Kelly Vert Celadon Natura is not created by bleaching and then adding colour back by dying the bleached leather.

For the Hermes collector, obtaining either a Hermes Birkin or Kelly Himalaya bag is an achievable dream; the ability to buy the Hermes Kelly Celadon Vert Natura is a much more difficult task. AS far as we are aware, only four Hermes Kelly Celadon Vert Natura bags have been offered for sale in the last five years. Christies sold two – a K28 in 2016 which the hammer fell at 57,900 Euros and a K32 in 2018 for $47,500. Arcturial also sold a K28 for 39,000 Euros in 2018. Since these bags were sold, the appreciation of the rarity and craftsmanship of these extraordinary bags has led to their value increasing enormously and the only other Kelly Celadon Vert Natura sold during the last few years was a Y stamp (1995) K32 which Lilac Blue London sold for £62,000 in October 2020. 1st Dibs.com recently advertised a Hermes Kelly Celadon Vert Nature with a Y stamp (1994) K28 available at 100,000 Euros. Lilac Blue London are delighted to announce that we have a Hermes Kelly Celadon Vert Natura X stamp (1995) K28 available for £62,000. This is an almost once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain this exclusive and rare Hermes bag. One for the true collector, that other true Hermes enthusiasts will both recognize and admire.

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