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Many of you have seen the Angelllboys on TikTok and have been asking all about them.  So we thought we should share a little bit about these two fabulous gentlemen.

Liam and James have become one of social media’s most endearing couples, sharing a colourful insight into their elegant and high sprited lifestyles.    Lilac Blue  loves spending time with them because while they adore Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags, they display a curious and canny insight into fashion, and always make us giggle with new trends and findings they have uncovered during their exploration of luxury brands, museums and restaurants.    Their combination of Savile Row English style with funky accessories is a delight.

We first met Liam and James when they booked an appointment to view the Hermes Kelly Picnic 35 in Swift Leather that we sourced for them.  They mentioned it would be perfect for the summer they had planned and eating al fresco watching the sunset while travelling Europe last year.

ANGELLLBOYS Testimonial:

“We adore Lilac Blue, the Team are friendly and generous with their time, being more than happy to help source us unique pieces from Hermes. We feel so welcome in the relaxed atmosphere of the showroom and our needs are treated with the upmost care and diligence.


Being able to source items is very beneficial, we have recently seen the New Hermes Leather Fringe Birkin on the Fall Winter 2023 Runway and hope to add this to our collection this year thanks to Lilac Blue. Being able to add to our collection with such ease and seamlessness is the definition of luxury.


Lilac Blue has our trust, this is why we choose to shop here – and of course – Our picnics in Italy wouldn’t have been the same last summer without the beautiful bag by our side.

Thanks Lilac Blue!”

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