A New Investment Advice Service

Following requests for advice and guidance, Lilac Blue London, seller of precious handbags, has started an advisory service.

Lilac Blue London is a boutique business which has been discreetly working for the most privileged people across the world since 2007, selling new and vintage Hermès and Chanel handbags.  In the years since then, the market has developed in an extraordinary fashion, and we have watched and advised on the trends and the annual increase in prices and financial returns on investments in the market.

To coincide with our launch of a handbag collectable’s insurance offering we are now offering a unique investment service.

Our niche business has led the resale market for years, collecting, examining and authenticating fine leather and intricately crafted pieces.  We have advised Royalty, A-list celebrities, Captains of industry and serious fashionistas on what to buy, and even more importantly, when.  Our company has helped trace fraudsters, train auction houses and has accumulated unrivalled knowledge over the past decade.

With the growing awareness of the lucrative financial potential investment in handbags and the repeated requests for information and advice, Lilac Blue London is now introducing a private consultation service.  People invest and buy handbags for a variety of different reasons.  It is in our interest for people to be happy with their purchase and this is the core of our company ethos.  So while you can search on Instagram and Google for sellers, and you may find something you really desire, it’s hard to know if it is the right bag for you.  Especially if you cannot meet the person selling it and have to buy sight unseen.  Our new services helps you buy with confidence, from whoever you choose.

Lilac Blue’s by-appointment showroom in Mayfair has a collection of new, pre-loved and vintage Hermès and Chanel bags.  Until now appointments have only been available to collectors and returning clients.  We are now expanding our service and inviting people to come and meet us to help you understand which bag is perfect for you.  As we know resellers across the world we will provide a reference, or will be able to advise if you are buying from a known and reputable seller.  While we cannot guarantee a profitable return on investment or the quality of a bag bought from another company we pride ourselves on looking after our clients and will arm you with more knowledge and confidence during a consultation than you will find elsewhere.

When you invest in a luxury investment, you should consider the following:

  • What will bring the best returns on an investment
  • What the right bag for you might be, considering: 
    • Whether you want to wear the beautiful item
    • Whether it is to sell in the next 10 years
    • Or to hand down to your children
    • Whether this will be your first purchase
  • What kind of collection you might like to build 
  • How to maintain a bag
  • Security issues
  • Storing and conditioning your investment
  • And importantly:  how much you want to spend

  Llora handbag

The Cost

The fee of £250.00 + VAT for a 45 minute consultation is redeemable against any purchase from Lilac Blue London within a 7 day period.

Up to two people may come for the appointment in person, or it can take place over Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or the telephone.

A black Birkin 30cm in togo leather

Case Study

Mr Brown wanted to buy a bag for Mrs Brown for her 40th birthday, and he wanted it to be a bag she could wear occasionally but would also keep its price. He also wanted to buy an investment piece for his daughter: a bag that would not be worn but would be kept and either worn in years to come or sold.

A rose confetti 28cm Kelly in epsom leather

Our solution: Mrs Brown received a black Birkin 30cm in classic calf leather with gold hardware.  The classic colours hold their value well, and while a 25cm may be the trendy small bag of 2020/21, in the long-term a larger bag is a better investment.

For the young Miss Brown, a baby pink Kelly bag size 28cm was the solution.  This was girly enough for Mr Brown to love giving his daughter and the right colour and size to be adored by a young girl.  Baby pink is one of the most coveted colours of the last 10 years, while size 28 is also practical enough for people to wear, so he could be confident that it will maintain its value if worn, and increase in price if carefully kept in perfect condition.

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