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Sell a Birkin … Sell a Kelly …

We work with the most beautiful bags in the world, mostly Hermes and Chanel.

Black Birkin 30

Some of the reasons people work with us:

  • We are small and specialised, and build relationships with people over many years.
  • We have trained several of London’s auction houses on how to authenticate a Hermes Birkin and are experts in our field.
  • We only work with people we trust and we expect them to trust us.
  • We are a registered company since 2002 so abide by the UK company laws and HMRC regulations. This means that we are fully responsible for our actions and are here for the longterm.
  • We pay quickly for bags, are true to our word, and will look after you and your handbag.

We buy some bags immediately and others are placed on consignment.


Gold 28cm Kelly

Gold Kelly 28

1. We can give you an estimate on the phone. A number of factors may alter that price:

  • The exact condition of the bag.
  • How much improvement we can make to the bag with our professional cleaning.
  • What accessories and paperwork are with the bag.
  • The condition of the packaging, including the original box.

2. We agree a fixed price once we have seen the bag. The price we agree is the price you will receive. We shall increase that by 10-20% to cover our costs and commission. The price on the website is sometimes higher than the price you expect to see. This gives us room to maneouvre on the price without asking you every time there is an offer.

3. We pay you the agreed price 14 days after the bag is sold.

4. Payment can be made in sterling, euros or US dollars.

5. The bag needs to be held in our showroom for 2 months. During that time it should be sold, but if it has not sold you can then take it back and we will give you the photos if you would like to sell it elsewhere.

Etoupe Birkin Sellier 25
Etain Kelly 28

Immediate Purchases

Hermes Bags we buy immediately from you are usually classic colours and the most popular sizes, which for Birkins is 25, 30 and 35cm and Kellies 20, 25 and 28cm. Classic colours are Etoupe, Gold (tan) and Black.

We can give you an estimate over the phone, email or WhatsApp, and then we need to see the bag in our showroom. Payment is by bank transfer or can be euros cash. We need your name and address. Payment is made 24 hours after the bag is left with us.

Prices depend on the market, but typically for a Birkin 30cm we would pay you £13,000 for a classic colour, purchased within the previous month.

What you need to provide:

The bag must be in perfect condition, as it was when it left the Hermes boutique, with all the accessories and the original receipt. We will need your name and address and a form of ID.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your details must be kept private by us and never revealed to the purchaser of the bag. This is important to us because it is important to you, and we want you to come back to us.

Older bags: bags from previous years may also be purchased for far more than the price paid in the store, depending on their colour and size and condition.

Gold Birkin 30

Consigning a Bag, what to consider

There are many consignment stores and options and we like to think that we are different because we value our consignees. We have many people who have worked with us for years and some are now part of our team.

We clean and polish bags and can get them restored if needed. We agree a price that you will receive, and add our profit on top of that. Bags are kept under lock and key in the secure showroom. Very valuable bags are stored in a safe and only on display for VIP clients. All staff and visitors to the showroom wear gloves.

Pricing: we like bags to be sold quickly, so will offer you a reasonable price. If you are happy to wait a few months to sell your bag, you can ask for a higher price, but PLEASE do not get annoyed with us if after a month we have not sold your bag because the price is too high.

We are good at looking after your bags, and selling them to lovely people. We achieve high prices for you because our commission levels can be low, and we give our expertise and personal service. Our pricing is higher than online portals where bags are not authenticated, cleaned or well stored. We can often increase the value of a bag by our cleaning services, marketing skills, knowledge and trustworthiness. We also guarantee the authenticity.

Inauthentic (fake) Handbags

Bags which are not made by the luxury house in question will be returned. Moreover, if we believe you are selling a bag knowing that is it not authentic we will report you to our large community of partners and colleagues in the Resale Market across Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the Americas. We may also report you to the police. The handbag may by law have to be seized.

Request a valuation of your bag – click here to fill out our online form.


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