Hermes Kelly Wallet Black Epsom PHW


EUR 2,927.60 USD $3,559.40 SGD $4,713.80
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A gorgeous Kelly Wallet in Black, a great little wallet which can also be used as a clutch for evenings.

Colour: Black
Colour Code: 89
Leather: Epsom
Hardware: Palladium
Condition: Brand New
Dimensions: 19.7cm x 11.5 (closed)
Accessories: All
Receipt: Yes

Lilac Blue London ships and hand carries authentic Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags every week across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Payment terms:

  • Online via Paypal but the billing address and the delivery address MUST be the same.
  • Online with any UK credit card (to the value of £2,000)
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • Existing customers may pay by credit card over the phone

Please call on +44 845 224 8876 or email for more information.

* Please note: non-Sterling prices are based on a spot conversion rate. Actual payments will be taken in Pounds Sterling.

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