Hermes Herbag 31cm Natural/Bleu Azteque/Menthe Verso Hunter/Toile H PHW


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The Herbag was re-issued in 2009 in an improved version called the “Herbag Zip” featuring an outside pochette on the back that is zipped onto the main canvas bag.   Even in this smallest sized 31cm bag there’s plenty of room inside and with both a handle and shoulder strap it’s easy to carry either in the hand or over your shoulder.  The resemblance to the Kelly is underlined with the use of the iconic Kelly lock closure.

Hermes Colours: Natural/Bleu Azteque/Menth
Hermes Colour Code: 27/7M/6W
Colour Group: Blue/Green
Leather: Vache Hunter/Toile H
Hardware: Palladium
Stamp: U
Condition: Brand New 
Dimensions: 31cm x 25cm x 10cm (W/H/D)
Accessories: Yes
Receipt: Yes

Lilac Blue London ships and hand carries authentic Hermes bags every week across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

This bag is in the UK and is sold in the UK inclusive of all tax. VAT cannot be reclaimed. The bag can be exported with complimentary shipping but may be subject to import duty in the country of destination.

Please call on +44 845 224 8876 or email for more information. And please be aware that if this is your first time shopping with Lilac Blue London, payment needs to be by bank transfer or by card in the Lilac Blue London office.

* Please note: non-Sterling prices are based on a spot conversion rate. Actual payments will be taken in Pounds Sterling.

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