Hermes Birkin 35cm Cobalt Togo GHW


EUR 17,460.00 USD $21,255.00 SGD $28,140.00
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Hermes has so many different blues and keeps introducing new ones – they are all wonderful, however this older Cobalt blue is still a great favourite.  It’s a muted and rather dusky shade which complements many neutral and pastel colours making it great for both winter and summer wear.

Colour: Cobalt
Colour Code: 57
Leather: Togo
Hardware: Gold
Stamp: T
Condition: Brand New 
Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm x 18cm (W/H/D)
Accessories: All 
Receipt: Yes

Lilac Blue London ships and hand carries authentic Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags every week across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Please call on +44 845 224 8876 or email for more information. And please be aware that if this is your first time shopping with Lilac Blue London, payment needs to be by bank transfer or by card in the Lilac Blue London showroom.

Image courtesy of 1st Dibs

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