Dragon Tiger Twilly – Black


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Lilac Blue London commissioned Marcus Kuhn to design our new Dragon Tiger twilly.  Kuhn is a world-renowned painter and tattoo artist.  He has worked in Japan with the best tattooers in Osaka and Yokohama, tattooed in Argentina and Australia, and lived and worked in Paris and London.

He lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands and spends half of the year traveling and tattooing all around the world. Marcus was one of the original NYC tattooers in the early eighties. He worked at the original Fun City on the lower east side when it was the only street tattoo shop in NYC.

Measuring 90cm long by 6cm wide this fun design comes in several colourways in 100% silk.

Wrap them around the handles of your bag for a change or to co-ordinate with an outfit, wear them in your hair or around your wrist – they are a really versatile accessory.

Lilac Blue London ships and hand carries genuine bags and accessories every week across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Please call on +44 845 224 8876 or email for more information. And please be aware that if this is your first time shopping with Lilac Blue London, payment needs to be by bank transfer or by card in the Lilac Blue London showroom.

* Please note: non-Sterling prices are based on a spot conversion rate. Actual payments will be taken in Pounds Sterling.

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