Bag Pillows & Raincovers

Our Bag Pillows are especially designed to maintain the shape of your Hermes Birkin or Kelly.

Most Hermes handbag lovers in Europe and the Americas request togo leather.  It’s a natural leather from young bulls and given that each bag is made by hand, no two bags are the same.   This is what makes Hermes bags unique and extraordinarily durable.    As I was told by a Hermes sales manager: “Madame, if you want your bag to be identical to this one, you should go to Louis Vuitton”.   So while some togo will maintain its structure for a years, most will start sagging within a few months. By storing it lying down with a bag bolster inside, you can minimise the ageing.   If you need to stand it up, the bag bolster is important, especially for a 35cm Birkin.    Other leathers, such as clemence and swift, are even softer.  Epsom will not become slack, but may develop dents, which means you should make sure the bolster is pushed far into each bottom corner of the handbag.    The new leathers, novillo and evercolor, have not been around long enough for us to know exactly how they will age.   They are relatively supple, so a bag pillow would be a good idea, especially on larger bags.

Birkin & Kelly Raincovers are available to protect your bag from light showers and accidental scratches.  Compact, lightweight and easy to slip on to your bag.


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