Handbag Cleaning Service


Lilac Blue London now offers a Handbag Cleaning Service



Handbag Cleaning Service: Before (left), and after cleaning (right).

The Handbag Cleaning Service includes:

  • Cleaning of the entire handbag (outside and inside);
  • Polishing of the hardware in order to remove scratches and increase the shine;
  • Correcting the colour when necessary and after removing stains and scratches, in order to match the original colour;
  • Adding protection to the handbag that will protect every fibre and stop any stain from penetrating the surface;
  • Price: £250

We can also offer a Handbag Restoration Service from £300, including:

  • Full cleaning;
  • Repairs where necessary;
  • Colour match performed to the original colour and the entire handbag recoloured in order to look just as new;
  • For multicoloured handbags, complex patterns and exotic skins, this service price is upon request

To order your Handbag Cleaning Service or Handbag Restoration Service, or for any additional repairs and touch ups, please contact us at: brigitte@lilacblue.com or +44 (0)845 224 8876

We can also offer cleaning and restoration service for shoes, belts and jackets.


Leather Handbag Care Kit: £14.95


All you need to clean and protect your leather handbag from liquids, sun damage and stains in general. It nourishes and keeps the leather in great condition. An easy and handy care kit that will make your bag look like new!

Suitable for all kinds of leather and exotic skins.
Not suitable for Suede and Nubuck. Please contact us for Suede and Nubuck care kits.



  • 100 ml leather cleaner: Leather Ultra Clean safely cleans leather without damaging it, and efficiently removes deep stains and grime.
  • 100 ml leather protection cream: Leather Protection Cream nourishes and conditions leather; regenerating old leather and protecting new.
  • Cleaning cloth.