Rose Pourpre Kelly Cut Floral

The Kelly bag from Hermès has been an iconic and sought-after style for decades and has been worn by some of the most elegant women across the world.

Here at Lilac Blue London, we have many Kelly styles to choose from including this gorgeous C stamp, petite matte alligator bag with palladium hardware. Better known as the Mini Kelly, this bag is an ideal choice for someone who loves to carry only a few fashionable essentials!

Investing in the perfect small evening bag such as the Hermès Kelly will not only be an incredibly special purchase, but it will always look stylish for generations to come.

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As one of our best-selling styles, we wanted to share five facts about the Hermès Kelly Bag that may surprise you…

  1. Did you know the first prototype of the Hermès Kelly Bag was in fact meant to hold a saddle or boots, since Hermès’ original focus used to be horseback riding accessories? In time, this style has changed into the elegant haute couture ladies bag we know today.
  2. Every Hermès Kelly Bag is unique and is handmade by one craftsman, taking around 25 hours per bag. The Kelly Bag in particular has approximately 2,600 hand stitches.
  3. The bag is a top handle style and was designed to be worn by ‘the princesses of the world’, hence why it is such a sophisticated design.
  4. During the Second World War, supplies of the original Hermès boxes, at first cream-coloured with a golden border, then beige with brown piping, ran out. The cardboard maker only had orange paper left so this colour then became Hermès’s signature colour.
  5. The Kelly Bag played a key role in the movie Le Divorce with Kate Hudson and Emma Watson. In the film, the bag served as a gift that changed everything and was loaned to director James Ivory from the Hermès showroom in Paris.

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