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The amazing Himalaya.

Yet another record breaking Hermes bag – this time it’s a Himalaya Birkin with 18K white gold and diamond hardware, recently sold by Christie’s Hong Kong for over $300,000.  The sale marked the 30th Anniversary of Christie’s in Asia and featured 30 prestigious lots chosen to represent the most significant and important pieces in their respective categories, the bag in question.

So what is it about the Himalaya Birkins and the even rarer Kellies that make them so desirable?  Well in the main it is a combination of their exclusivity, (very few are made each year and the exact number remains shrouded in mystery), their beauty, the craftsmanship and their investment value.  What’s not to like about something that only very few people have, is stunningly beautiful and is guaranteed to be a sound investment?  To achieve the extraordinary finish involves pristine crocodile skins and a lengthy dyeing process which gives the graduation from crisp white in the centre of the bag to smoky grey on the edges.  Added to this the usual incredible Hermes craftsmanship and you have a bag which is a work of art in itself.

More usually we see Himalaya Birkins, and currently have this one available but occasionally a Himalaya Kelly comes to the market – these in particular are a collector’s dream and here at Lilac Blue London we can offer a 32cm Kelly, with receipt and CITES paperwork.  If you’d like more information on this stunning Hermes bag then contact us at or WhatsApp +44 7887 409934.

Images courtesy of Christie’s.



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