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A Kelly in a shop window?!

We always keep a keen eye on Hermes shop windows, and walking passed the Bond Street store the other evening, I was amazed to see a Kelly in the shop window – what a rare sight!   It would definitely surprise me to find one in an actual shop so even more in the vitrine! Then I realised what really caught my eye was the minimalism of the display: it looked so empty, almost unfinished, with just a couple of shoes, a sport bag… And the Kelly.   I thought of the Hermes shop window in Dubai: very colourful and lively, but with almost no Hermes items in it.  When I went back to Paris last weekend,  I went to Hermes rue de Sèvres and again, I noticed that their vitrines were very abstract, with some artistic display and no products at all…which is a huge contrast with the interior of the spacious store which contains everything Hermes has to offer… Except a Kelly or a Birkin of course 🙂

So after all that thinking and wandering around Hermes shops, I came back to Bond Street… To be told the Kelly was just for display… Aargh!


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