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Hermes Exhibition

We had a fantastic few days at the Belgraves Hotel with our Exhibition of Hermes bags and Champagne Reception during London Fashion Week.  For three days we had more than 20 Hermes bags on display, including the incredibly rare Gris Cendre Himalaya Birkin, some of the highly desirable small Kellies and several beautiful vintage bags.

On Monday evening guests were invited to an exclusive Champagne Reception and given the opportunity to get close to and handle these amazing bags.  Antoinette, owner of Lilac Blue gave a talk on how to tell a real Hermes from a fake with several essential tips, and Helene spoke about the increasing popularity of Hermes bags as an investment and the allure of the vintage bag.  Rocky Mazzilli from Year Zero London was also present with examples of his hand painted customised bags – if you want to really stand out from the crowd then one of these is the way to go!

A steady stream of visitors across the three days meant we were all kept busy and several lucky people found the Hermes bag they were looking for.  If you are on the lookout for an Hermes bag then contact with details of what you are interested in, and you can always make an appointment to visit our private showroom in Mayfair.


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