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The Shadow Birkin

When the Jean Paul Gaultier designed Shadow Birkin first appeared in 2009 there were a lot of Hermes followers who were less than impressed – it really didn’t hit the spot for many Birkin buyers.  However we all seem to have moved on a bit since then and it’s now becoming a real collectors item with prices moving steadily higher.

The initial concept did seem a bit strange – how could you possibly have a Birkin without the hardware?  How would it work – and more importantly how would it look?  JPG explained to Harpers Bazaar that his “idea was to work around the trompe l’oeil concept with the Birkin” and that “the flap, straps, and clochette seem to have been chiseled in the raw material, the result of unbelievable craftsmanship”, which doesn’t explain much to be honest but at least we knew what he was trying to achieve! 

So now the demand for these Shadow Birkins has crept up and they are occasionally coming up for sale; here at Lilac Blue we can offer you one of these rarities in Alezan, a rich browny gold shade in Veau Evercalf which is a tough leather, similar to Tadelakt but softer.  If you’d like to own something a little different but still with the classic beauty of a Birkin then do consider the Shadow Birkin, it’s certainly worth a look.


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