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Gifts for Mother’s Day

In case you need an excuse to buy something gorgeous for your mother (or yourself!), here in the UK we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day so it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a little Hermes luxury for someone.

Lilac Blue have several small items which would make a wonderful present.  What could be better than this lovely Maxi Twilly Clic Clac a Pois in a stunning combination of purple, pink and blue?  The Maxi Twilly measures a substantial 220cm x 20cm and can be worn in a multitude of ways – take a look here for some inspiration.  If you think something smaller would suit then there is the original Twilly which is a great accessory, it can be worn round the neck, as a bracelet, as a narrow belt or it can be used to dress up your Birkin or Kelly, search the internet as there are loads of videos and images to give you ideas.

Alternatively there are some great leather accessories you could buy – a belt or wallet maybe, or how about a Carmen Key ring?  These cute little leather tassels not only look great but are very useful in helping you find your keys in your bag, made from soft lambskin leather they are lovely to handle and practical with it!


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