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The HAC Birkin

The Haut à Courroies, (which translates as “high belts”) bag, is very similar to the Birkin but proportionally taller with slightly shorter handles. Considered as the predecessor to the Birkin, the Haut à Courroies was originally designed by Hermes in the late 1800’s to carry riding equipment – not something most people would use it for nowadays!   It is much sought after by Hermes connoisseurs as well as celebrities and makes an especially stylish travel bag.

What’s the difference between an Haut à Courroies and a Birkin?  It’s all in the size – the HAC is a taller bag, and was usually made in larger sizes from 40cm wide up to 55cm, although special order smaller versions (28cm, 32cm & 36cm) are available.  The drop of the handles is less than those of a Birkin, making it more of a bag to carry in the hand rather than over the arm – thus it’s desirability as a travel bag.  Similar to the Birkin in every other beautiful detail, it features a roomier interior, an interior patch pocket and a zippered compartment.

If you buy an HAC, you are buying a piece of Hermes history – if you can get your hands on one of course!  Lilac Blue have a 40cm Gris Elephant HAC in Matte Porosus with Palladium Hardware, contact for more details.



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