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Hermès Twilly – The Perfect Accessory

If you are looking for a little something from Hermès to brighten up your spring outfits, then take a look at the Hermès Twilly – if you haven’t already!

Hermès first introduced the traditional square silk scarves in the late 1930’s, and has produced hundreds of different design and colour combinations.  The Twilly, which is effectively a long and narrow piece of silk (84cm x 5cm) is more recent and comes in a similarly dazzling array of colours and patterns.

The name is taken from “Twill” and refers to the weaving technique which produces a strong and beautifully draping fabric – just what you want in a scarf.

The Hermès Twilly is a fantastic accessory and can be used as a head scarf, or tied round your neck as a bow, round your wrist as a bracelet or wrapped around the handles of your Birkin or Kelly.  Each season Hermes introduce some wonderful new designs in a wide variety of colours giving the perfect accessory for every possible occasion and outfit.

Wrapping a Twilly around the handles of your Hermès Birkin or Kelly fulfils three objectives – first and foremost it can completely change the look of the bag, secondly it will protect the bag handles from dirt and grease as it is carried, and finally it can soften the handle and make it more gentle on your hands.  It is particularly useful if you want to alter the appearance of your Hermès bag or just for a change, full stop!  For a more subtle look pick a toning Twilly or if you want to make a statement choose one of the bright Twillies that will contrast with your bag.

There are several ways to tie a Twilly on your bag – if you search the internet you’ll find some really helpful examples, hints and demonstrations.    Wrapping the Twilly all around the handles gives a really neat appearance, but for a quick and simple update, just tie the Twilly loosely round one handle and let it float down the side of the bag – either way is effective and will make your bag unique.


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