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Hermès Collier de Chien

It would be hard to dispute that Hermès’ most coveted product was the the Birkin bag, hotly followed by the Kelly bag. However it is sometimes easy to forget that Hermès has a whole host of other ‘it’ products that are always on the most wanted fashion lists. One particular piece that has recently seen a boom in popularity is the Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet.

This iconic bracelet was inspired by the ever-so-chic Collier de Chien belt, and is not only a regularly seen on many a celebrity wrist, but also at the top of the wrist candy list. The Collier de chien holds an air of exclusivity due to being part of the Hermès brand, but its spiked design provides just the right amount of fashion edge to make it so lusted after. Anyone thinking of their stocking fillers wish list? Well this comes in just the right size box!



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